National Medal of Honor Day

DID YOU KNOW  The United States Congress has designated March 25th of each year as National Medal of Honor Day, a day dedicated to our nation’s greatest heroes.

On March 25th 1863, six members of Andrew’s Raiders became the first recipients of the Medal of Honor.

Do you celebrate National Medal of Honor Day? Are you wondering how to get involved? Check out a few of our favorite options below:

  • FLY YOUR FLAG (…and if you don’t, have one go buy one!)
  • WATCH A MOVIE OR READ A BOOK. There have been several movies made and books written by and about Medal of Honor recipients.
  • REMEMBER OUR HEROES. As a gesture of your appreciation, take just a few moments to watch a short vignette about a recipient on Vimeo
  • GET STUDENTS INVOLVED. Talk to your kids about what the Medal of Honor is and what it stands for. (If you think students in your community would benefit from being exposed to the values MOH recipients hold dear take a look at the Character Development Program. Training in Minnesota is available twice in April and again in September.)
  • VISIT. If there is a Medal of Honor memorial or plaque near your home, visit! Another option is to research a recipient and visit their gravesite if they are buried nearby.
  • GET PLUGGED IN. Like our  Facebook page and click around our website to stay on top of more MOH news!





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